Let’s live out the Christmas and Advent season differently.


We encourage everyone in our church family to spend less this Christmas. Buy one less gift and instead give that money to the Advent Conspiracy offering.


Because when we buy too much and race around, we end up turning our hearts toward a story that says, “MORE is what will make me and my family happy.” But when we practice generosity, our hearts are turned in a different direction – toward our generous God, who loves everyone and calls us to do the same.

What happens then?

When we give, our hearts are transformed, and our gifts become part of God’s world-wide transformation project. Every dollar of the Advent Conspiracy offering goes outside the walls of Blackhawk to be used in work that pursues justice in our society, reflecting God’s commitment to justice.

Give to the Advent Conspiracy Offering

To give by check, please write “Advent” in the memo line and drop in the offering boxes at your site. Giving closes on January 14. Thank you for your generosity.

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Gifts to the Advent Conspiracy offering will support these local and global projects

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Water Mission

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