Strategies for Screens, Teens, and Preteens
Wednesday, December 19 // 7 pm – Register online
We live in a world where children are constantly viewing screens, in everyday life and while they are learning. Dr. Kathy Koch, founder and president of Celebrate Kids, helps us identify and understand what our children’s use of technology is teaching them. She also offers insight to help parents understand how to better engage with the learning process of their child in this age of technology.

Helping Your Children Understand God’s Grace
Wednesday, January 16 // 7 pm – Register online
Culture is telling young people where to find love, how to define truth, and who they are supposed to become. Dr. Tim Keller shares wisdom and practical ideas to help parents and their teens discover God’s unrelenting love, truth, and script, which will ultimately lead to security and satisfaction.

The World Your Children Life In
Wednesday, April 3 // 7 pm – Register online
Roxanne Stone is editor-in-chief at the Barna Group and former editor at Christianity Today and Relevant magazines. She presents recent research related to technology use, changes in the way young adults perceive the importance of church, confusion and feelings of betrayal over issues of gender and sexual identity, and a new framework for male/female relationships outside of dating. Her insight is important for parents as they try to discover the kinds of conversations to have with their children.

A Discussion Group for Parents of Blended Families
This group meets every other Sunday from 11 am-12:30 pm at Brader Way. The group is watching and discussing “The Smart Stepfamily Marriage” DVD by Ron Deal and David Olson. All are welcome; no registration necessary. For the date and location of the next meeting, contact Todd and Catherine Heller.


Parenting Beyond Your Capacity – Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof
Spiritual Parenting – Michelle Anthony
Grace-Based Parenting –  Tim Kimmel
Parenting Your Adult Child – Ross Campbell and Gary Chapman
Right Click: Parenting Your Teenager in a Digital Media World  – Art Bamford, Brad Griffin, Kara Powell


Fuller Youth Institute — exists to help parents and church leaders equip teenagers with lifelong faith. The institute does this by turning research into resources. The institute publishes the books Sticky Faith, The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family, and Can I Ask That?


If you have suggestions of additional resources that you think would benefit parents, please email Steve Rodgers.

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