Are habits or addictions affecting or controlling your life? Do you feel alone or isolated trying to address them on your own? As men and women we all have hurts, hang-ups and struggles that can erode and destroy our relationships and lives. These are rapidly-growing concerns in our society and we are not immune within the church. Are you attending to them in your life? Do you know where to ask for help?

Alcohol Abuse


  • Alcoholics Anonymous – (Local AA meetings for the person concerned about their own drinking habits)
    Click here for a list of upcoming local AA meetings
  • Al-Anon (Wisconsin and local resources for the concerned family member(s)
  • Celebrate Recovery – (Local Christian Recovery Group)

Contact First Response if you would like to talk and/or pray about your concerns. You can reach a First Responder most days (Monday – Thursday) 11 am–3 pm by email or calling 828.4230. Schedules may vary, so please leave a message.

Pornography Accountability & Recovery


Men’s Sexual Addiction Support Group

A Ministry of Blackhawk Church

Men’s sexual addiction is a real problem in our broken world. What begins with viewing pornography sometimes leads to a full scale addiction problem. Addiction in any form destroys marriages and relationships, compromises work settings and devastates lives.

The reality is that true addiction requires professional therapy before a support or maintenance group can be effective.

At Blackhawk Church we have a closed and confidential support group for men who have an admitted sexual addiction. In our group we offer a safe, loving, biblically-based setting for support and accountability as we strive to grow in
our relationship with Christ.

To inquire how to find help for sexual addiction or to inquire about the Blackhawk Church group please contact Dave Gagnon.

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