20/15: A Year of Prayer


Here’s an easy formula for strengthening a relationship with someone you care about: a) spend time with them, and b) listen to them. It’s simple, really. But when you do those two things, you get to know the person better, and you show that they hold priority in your life.

Imagine taking time to do that with your relationship with Christ. What could come out of consistent, focused time spent listening and responding to God in your life?

For the year 2015, Blackhawk is inviting you to be part of the 20/15 Prayer Initiative. For 20 days each month of the year, we’ll spend 15 focused minutes with God. You choose the days and times, and we’ll provide tools with each series that help you focus on a particular verse or topic for your prayer times. But as Chris mentioned on the 28th, you can choose verses that are meaningful personally as well. This challenge isn’t about praying a prescribed prayer or at a prescribed time…it’s about making a consistent choice to grow in your knowledge of God and His will for your life.

Your 15 minutes could look like this:

  • Focus on God. Get rid of distractions (phones, TV, iPads, etc.)
  • Listen to Him by reading a verse and reflecting on what He may be saying to you. Some example questions to ask yourself are below.
  • Am I learning anything?
  • Is there anything I need to acknowledge or confess to God?
  • Is there any physical action I need to take in response to His words?
  • Talk to God. Pray about what’s on your mind and in your heart. For those you love, for your anxieties, for your joys and struggles.

That’s it. Our hope and prayer for the 20/15 initiative is that we will be individually, and as a church, drawn closer to God, to know Him and to be more closely aligned with his purpose for our life and our position in the lives of those around us. We hope you join us!

20/15: A Year of Prayer Tools

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Race Series & Long Awaited: the coming Messiah
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Thrive: The Book of Daniel
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Prayer Cards & Audio Devotionals
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Week 2  – Be Flexible // Prayer Card – Audio Devotional
Week 3 – Be Wise // Prayer CardAudio Devotional
Week 4 – Be Courageous // Prayer Card – Audio Devotional
Week 5 – Be Humble // Prayer Card – Audio Devotional
Week 6  – Be Consistent // Prayer Card – Audio Devotional
Week 7 – Be Hopeful // Prayer Card – Audio Devotional
Week 8 – Be Prayerful // Prayer CardAudio Devotional

Prayer: Strengthening Your Core
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Compelled: Speaking & Living the Gospel
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Build to Reach
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Intersections with Jesus Series
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Generosity: In God We Trust?
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Wrecked: When Life Falls Apart
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The Question that Never Goes Away — Philip Yancey

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering — Tim Keller


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