Making Space to Connect with God

Many of us are feeling the weight of what is happening in our nation. We are pouring out at work and at home. What is pouring into you? How are you getting replenished? God wants to replenish us. All we need is to make space for God to speak into our lives.

Join us as we make rhythms each week to explore practices that help us connect with God. Below you will find the rhythm and the practice for this 6 week series.

Rhythm: Reading the Bible

Practice for the Week:
Justice Devotional through Bible Project

To get started, watch this video with Daniel and Jimmy.

How will we do it? What tools exist to help us? We’re going to invite everyone to download the YouVersion Bible App if you haven’t already. We went ahead and picked a plan that we found extremely appropriate for our time and super accessible. It’s a three day reading plan about Justice created by The Bible Project.

The YouVersion App has made accessing the Bible really easy, but if you don’t like to read on screens, or you find it distracting to read the Bible on your device, you can definitely do the readings in a good old fashioned paper Bible and read the devotionals later.

If you join this YouVersion reading plan with us, it will allow us to share our thoughts and have a conversation right in the Bible App. Reading the Bible alone can be good, but it’s so much better when we’re reading and engaging in community with one another.

Sign up for the reading plan here.

Going Deeper:

Check out this video from The Bible Project for deeper study and understanding.

Rhythm 2: Prayer

Practice for the Week:
Lectio Divina – Psalm 19:1-14

This week we are going to explore a  contemplative prayer practice called Lectio Divina.

Lectio Divina is a contemplative way to pray through reading the Bible. Often when we pray, we focus on what we are asking for. Much of our prayer is about speaking to God, but Lectio Divina invites us to listen to God more than speak.

It dates back to the early centuries of the Christian Church and was established as a monastic practice. The prayer time is slow and savored, which allows the scripture to speak to us personally and helps us to connect with God more deeply.

We will practice this using Psalm 19 together. The prayer reading plan is below. Make sure to give yourself at least 15 minutes to really enter into this practice.

Going Deeper:

Want to make it a rhythm? A tool you can use to do this practice more is the Lectio 365 app. It has daily Lectio Divina prayers that you can use and share. Check it out!

Rhythm 3: Coming Soon!

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Rhythm 4: Coming Soon!

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Rhythm 5: Coming Soon!

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Rhythm 6: Coming Soon!

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