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Everyone is on a mission. A mission to grow, succeed, or fulfill a dream. But the church has a greater mission – a kingdom mission. A mission empowered by the Holy Spirit to take the gospel to the ends of the Earth. And you are a part of it, because you are the church. The church is not a place we go, it’s each one of us joining in the work of Jesus, started over 2000 years ago. In this two-part series on the book of Acts, we’ll see how Jesus’ first disciples became a community on mission together to change the world, and how we can continue to carry out that mission today. The church is on a mission and the church is you. Are you in?

  • September 12 // Acts 1:1-11, Charles Yu – Discussion Guide
  • September 19 // Acts 2:1-13, Matt Metzger – Discussion Guide
  • September 26 // Acts 2:14-41, Charles Yu
  • October 3 // Acts 3:1-26, Daniel Owen
  • October 10 // Acts 4:1-31, Charles Yu
  • October 17 // Acts 5:1-11, Matt Metzger
  • October 24 // Acts 5:17-42, Ben Knox
  • October 31 // Acts 6:1-7, Charles Yu
  • November 7 // Acts 6:8-8:1, Matt Metzger
  • November 14 // Acts 8:1-5, Charles Yu



Acts Journal

This journal will follow our 15-week series. Each week you can read the passage of Scripture from the Sunday message with space to write down observations, notes, application, and prayer. You can use it before you join on Sunday or dive into the passage after.


YouVersion Reading Plan

Over the course of 30 days, this reading plan will take you through the entire book of Acts. Each day you’ll read a chapter or less and respond to reflection questions. There are also resources linked to each reading to deepen your understanding of Acts.



  • Explore Acts, The Bible Project
  • Luke-Acts Podast Series, The Bible Project
  • Acts for Everyone: Part 1 & Part 2, N.T. Wright – This commentary set from N.T. Wright is a great one for both beginners and those who have been studying Scripture for a while. We highly recommend using this in your personal study as we walk through Acts together this semester.

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