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Our hope, our prayer, is that we would come out of this COVID season as a community who knows and loves Jesus in a deeper, stronger way. To help with this, we have put together a set of tools and resources that you can use throughout the week – both on your own and in community – to better understand who Jesus is and what that means for our daily lives. Be sure to check back often as we’ll continue to add new videos and podcasts along the way. We’re so grateful to be following Jesus together in this season!

  • September 13 // The One Who Changes Everything (Exodus 3, 6), Charles Yu
  • September 20 // The One Who Lights the Darkness (John 8:12-20), Chris Dolson
  • September 27 // The One Who Satisfies Your Soul (John 6:1-71), Matt Metzger
  • October 4 // The One Who Builds Belonging (John 15:1-14), Michael Knapstad
  • October 11 // The One Who Gives New Life (John 11:1-44), Lynne Benik
  • October 18 // The One Who Reveals Truth (John 14:1-14), Chris Dolson
  • November 8 // The One Who Fights for You (John 10:11-18), Charles Yu
  • November 15 // The One Who Protects You (John 10:1-10), Charles Yu



How to Choose a Reading Plan

This fall, let’s immerse ourselves in the life of Jesus by reading through all four Gospels.

How to Choose a Bible Translation

Which translation should you use? It depends on what you’re looking for.

How to Read the Bible

Reading the Bible doesn’t have to be intimidating! We read Scripture in order to encounter God and grow in our relationship with Him.

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Questions to Ask When Reading the Bible

Once you’ve read a Bible passage, here are a few questions you can ask that will help you engage with Scripture in a more meaningful way.

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Read the Gospels in 30 Days

This reading plan takes you through all four gospels in 30 days by reading three chapters per day. Once the month is over, begin again with a different translation – each month you’ll discover something new about who Jesus is and how He taught us to live. Download the plan below or make it a wallpaper for your phone.


Read the Gospels in 90 Days | YouVersion

Designed by BibleProject, this plan takes you on a journey through all four Gospels in ninety days. Each book includes videos specifically designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with God’s Word.



Each week, we’ll dig further into the message from Sunday, explore how to apply it to our lives, and offer a practice that will help us grow in relationship with God. Listen on SpotifyiTunes, and Google Music.

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