The mission of Impact Ministry is to engage the Blackhawk Church community in joining God’s restorative and redemptive work through relational service and missional partnerships in local neighborhoods and global communities. We long to develop generous hearts where Christ’s commitment to love and serve is valued by everyone.



Throughout this past month storms have raged through our nation and parts of the world with catastrophic results. Massive earthquakes have killed hundreds in Mexico. Hurricane Maria has left incredible destruction in its path in Puerto Rico and has now hit numerous islands in the Caribbean. Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, killing many and displacing thousands. Nepal, Bangladesh and India have been hit by devastating floods and more than 1,000 people have been killed, and millions more have been displaced.

Many organizations are offering emergency care, medical supplies, shelter and food for the people displaced and affected and you can help. Blackhawk Church’s response is to pray and to connect you directly to relief organizations that are tangibly responding so that you can give to emergency relief efforts as you feel led. This is most direct way of getting the funds to where they are most needed. See links below for organizations.


  • for those who’ve lost loved ones
  • for families without homes
  • for children who are in distress
  • for rescue efforts and assistance, shelter and support
  • for the local church to bring spiritual hope
  • that the Holy Spirit turns hearts towards God

Mexico Earthquakes & South Asia Floods

Maria Hurricane

Irma Hurricane

Harvey Hurricane

We have many ongoing opportunities to serve in each passion area. To see current opportunities, click here. Select your Passion Area and click Search.



Homelessness & Hunger
Help at a food pantry by serving individuals, stocking shelves, organizing a clothing closet; get your hands dirty in Blackhawk’s food pantry garden; cook or serve a meal for those without a home who are seeking sustenance; help build houses for families looking for affordable housing options.

Equitable Education
Tutor students or be a reading buddy; support local schools by interacting with children or by helping teachers and staff with tasks; provide meals for families of adult students taking classes; support local school food pantries.

Incarceration & Post Prison
Mentor incarcerated men or come alongside children impacted by parental incarceration; help clean, paint or set up apartments for formerly incarcerated men.

Racial Equity & Immigration
Tutor and mentor children; build relationships with children and their families; provide administration help for organizations whose mission is to interrupt the cycle of racism.

Human Trafficking
Babysit for survivors of local trafficking so they can attend counseling sessions; help at a food pantry or clothing closet that provides food for survivors.

Employment & Economic Stability
Mentor or tutor individuals who are taking their next steps to sustainable self-sufficiency; help seniors with outdoor & indoor chores; prepare gift boxes of clothing for unprepared first-time parents.

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